A new day, a new challenge. I have suspended sales of the Printed Third Edition due to some unexpected formatting errors.

When I edited content to improve readability, especially in the responsive readings, I added spacing which threw off the page lengths. As a result I had to reset the pages. Somewhere in the process at least two known pages went MIA. One page is in the Morning Prayer, the other is in the LITANY.

The missing content in The Morning Prayer is between page 10 and 11.

Here is the missing page: Page-10-point-5

The missing content in The LITANY is on page 24 right below where it says “That it may please thee to have mercy upon all men;”

Here is the missing page: Missing Litany Content

Here is a picture showing where the content belongs : 

Finding these errors means that there may be more errors of this nature. The material will have to be systematically proofed again. Then the book will be reprinted and re-proofed. The last proofing took over a year to complete, that was a word for word comparison with the original. I’m optimistic and hope it will be ready this fall? But that means a lot of overtime.

Why is all this so worth all the work? That is a question I have asked myself from time to time. Then I remind myself, when I discovered John Wesley’s version of the BCP and found how important it was to him, I knew it had to be recovered from the past and brought into the 21st Century. So many of us from the Wesleyan tradition have been divided for far too long. I hope that in some way this book can help bring us back together.