Intended Reader:

This book is primarily essential to Professors and Students researching the Wesleyan tradition. It may also be a prayer-devotional companion for those who cherish Wesley’s methods.

The Student Hardcover Edition contains 30 selections of Psalms for daily, morning and evening readings, Collects, Epistles, and Gospels consisting of of 57 readings for Sunday services and special services throughout the year, 24 Articles of Religion, and 112 metrical Psalms and Hymns. And now John Wesley’s Tracts on Prayer containing 72 readings.

This work is clearly a Ministers Manual, though impractical for modern services it was the standard practice for hundreds of years in the Wesleyan/Anglican tradition and will prove helpful for ministers to enrich their own ministerial practices. This may be especially beneficial to independent churches that have no formal servicebook or hymnbook and want to borrow from our rich Christian heritage that inspired the holiness movement and sparked the revival of the 1800s.

Other works that are a companion for studies in  John Wesley’s The Book of Common Prayer are John Wesley’s Tracts on Prayer (from the Collected Works of Wesley XI) and Minutes of the 1784 Conference: of the Methodist Episcopal Church in America (these Minutes were bound as a form of Discipline in several copies of the 1784 edition of John Wesleys version of the BCP). These Companion works are a bonus to the eBook.