Q: In John Wesleys Bristol letter, September 10, 1784, he wrote to Dr. Thomas Coke, Francis Asbury, and to the Brethren in North-America expressing how he wished for them to remain disentangled both from the State, and from the English Hierarchy, and therefore named his book distinct from the BCP. Why then is this book called, John Wesleys The Book of Common Prayer, and not simply John Wesleys Prayer Book.

A: First of all the title John Wesleys Prayer Book is a partial facsimile reprinting of the book done by James F. White in 1991. Second, John Wesley was a great editor of his day and desired to get the great works of Christian literature into the Methodist libraries.

The main reason for the cover title is that, after doing a comparative study between the 1662 BCP and John Wesley’s revision, I found that the majority of the content left from Wesleys revision is essentially still the BCP. John Wesley states that the liturgy he had prepared was little differing from the church of England, and indeed is mainly in essence the work attributed to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer.

In todays society most people are unaware of what goes on beyond the closed doors of the church, let alone that such a prayer book exists. True, John Wesley’s distinctions though minor are significant; and in keeping with Wesley, after the front-matter, begins Wesley’s same Title Page: The Sunday Service of the Methodists in North America. With other Occasional Services. The title is John Wesley’s The Book of Common Prayer so that people will clearly know that this is properly The Book of Common Prayer as revised by John Wesley.

Q: When will this book be available?

A: The book and companion books became available through the lulu.com Store May 5, 2016 just in time for the National Day of Prayer. Availability of the Hardcover through Amazon and Barnes&Noble along with the eBook should be ready by this fall 2016.

Q: Is this a scan or a facsimile of the original?

A: This is neither a complete scan of the original book nor a facsimile. This is the entire original work (including scripture passages) produced by John and Charles Wesley along with their selection of Psalms and Hymns of their day, painstakingly transcribed retaining all the original material (including spellings) into modern text-type. Scans of the original vignettes are the only exceptions.

Q: How much will the books cost?

A: The price will depend on the market at the time of purchase. Prices have been determined using a comparative study and are comparable to similar reference works. While we have no direct control of pricing through distribution channels, sales and discounts are left to our discretion through the lulu.com Store and most likely the best prices will be found there. Additional offers of incentives and discounts from the printer are found on their main page; be sure to check there for a daily Use Code (coupon).


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