The eBook is now available. Click Order Now and choose you format. The primary intention of this project was to get John Wesley’s The Book of Common Prayer into a digital format so that it would be in a clear text, resizable, searchable, fully indexed, and readable by the text-to-speach application.

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The Book Displayed on eBooks

In addition to John Wesley’s version of the BCP the eBook contains two bonus features:

The MINUTES of the 1784 Conference in the U.S., these Minutes were bound in several of first edition copies after it had been accepted by the Conference. This was intended as an early form of Discipline for the Methodist Churches.

John Wesley’s Tracts on Prayer: A COLLECTION OF FORMS OF PRAYER, FOR EVERY DAY IN THE WEEK, A COLLECTION OF PRAYERS FOR FAMILIES, PRAYERS FOR CHILDREN, HYMNS FOR CHILDREN, and GRACES. The contents of this book are John Wesley’s Tracts on Prayer similar to those found in The Works of the Rev. John Wesley, A. M. – Volume Xi. London, 1733. 203-272, (which was used for the first edition of John Wesley’s Tracts on Prayer). For this edition I sought out the original booklets that still had substantive capitalization commonly found in early 18th Century works. The main difference in this book and the original booklets is the modern text-type; the Caslon type was too difficult to read. Other than that this book keeps much of the original style (especially the European English spellings). John Wesley’s Tracts on Prayer are now also included in the Student Edition of John Wesley’s BCP.

The Tracts and the Minutes are added as a special bonus to the eBook version in order to conveniently collect all these works of John Wesley in one digital Prayer Book and will also be available separately in paperback.