This book is a Methodist Book of Common Prayer.

This is the original work by John and Charles Wesley published by them in 1784. This was their version of the English 1662 The Book of Common Prayer. It was intended to be a Ministers Manual useful to the itinerant pastor. In the back of the book is a collection of Psalms and Hymns that they found inspiring and useful for Methodists services. It appears that these Hymns are from a variety of authors such as Issac Watts though no credits are referenced in the original.

The entire original work including scriptures has been transposed from the 18th Century original publication to the 21st Century digital age keeping all the original language and spellings so that students and researchers may make complete comparative studies of early Methodism and early Christian services and liturgies.

Prior works have been done producing a partial facsimile of the original book.* This new publication is the first complete reproduction of the original book within its own volume and in modern text-type. Other books are much thinner because they do not include the scripture passages; therefore you no longer have the Bible version of the original, and you can not readily see what the impact of Wesley’s abbreviated passages in a side by side comparison.

The entire book has been specially prepared for print and eBook.


* White, James F. John Wesley’s Prayer Book. Akron, OH: OSL Publications,