Now that the book has been on the market for a while and the initial costs have been covered I’ve decided to reduce the price of the book to make it more affordable.

eBook: The price for the eBook I was able to cut in half. Considering massive volume of content in the book it is quite a good deal. I love the perks of having the book in digital form. It is so handy to be able to click and find whatever you need in an instant. Copy and paste into journals and blogs can be handy as well.

Printed book:I know most people prefer a printed book with physical pages to turn and the print edition is still available. Production cost continue to keep the price higher than I’d like, but the luxury of having a hard copy will still be well worth it for many of us book lovers. I was able to knock $15.00 off the printed version.

Leather edition: I’ve had some inquiry on the leather edition. I wish I could say I had a cost effective way to get it printed, but so far I have been unable to come up with anything. The only method I am aware of is to have the Student Edition rebound…and that isn’t cheap. I love my personal copy, but it is more of a novelty than a necessity. It does make quite and extravagant gift for someone who loves John Wesley and historic Methodism. Other than that I think the Student Edition is quite adequate for study and reference needs.

The only way I imagine that I could bring the price down any farther would be if a large publisher were to take up the project. Then maybe our dream of a leather bound edition could be reasonable. If anyone has connections I am open to suggestions.